Here’s some of our clients’ reviews about our service:

Mark T., MD
I’m an executive vice president for a major casino and development company. With teen age daughters and my hectic travel schedule, I contacted several companies to try and find a dog that would not only protect my loved ones but would also be a “dog” that my kids would be able to enjoy. I was referred to Mr. Geva by a personal friend who told me about his business and more importantly how he conducts business. With a bit of skepticism, I contacted him and he suggested that he could visit and assess the security needs of my home, meet the family members and determine the right type of protection dog (companion) for me and my family. Omri arranged for all the shipping, vet certifications, and customs issues and got the dog we chose here to the United States. He then personally picked up the dog and took him into his home for training, always updating me on progress. The training did not take that long as he lives with the dog and he is basically training 24 hours a day. He continues to monitor how the dog is doing and stands willing to answer any and all questions concerning both the dogs and our welfare. I can sum up this testimonial by simply stating that Omri promised and delivered, Galil, my “dream” dog.

Denise E., TN
Omri Geva has been a God send to my life. I’ve never known that a person could really care about their client’s life and wellbeing as Omri did. To find a trainer of this caliber is truly rare. He is a very sincere, patient, loving, and compassionate trainer who expressed a genuine concern for me and my dog while truly understanding and exceeding my needs. Omri has proven his honesty and integrity in all kinds of ways. I was so blessed to have him as my personal trainer and have made a friend for life. His training qualities and techniques far exceeded my expectations. He was and is the very best trainer I’ve ever known.

Steve D., AK
I have five children who range in ages two to fourteen years old. Never having owned a personal protection dog of any kind, let alone a Malinois, I was a bit apprehensive with such a large dog being around my children. Omri taught us to set boundaries with both the children and Dakar and to adhere to them without fail. The integration process was seamless and now all of the kids can pile on him. In fact my two year old son tries to ride him like a horse. They all love him to death and he has become a member of the family. Dakar’s obedience is phenomenal. I have owned many types of dogs in the past, but none of them can hold a candle to the control and command confidence that I have with Dakar. His protection work is also impeccable. I operate a grocery store as well as own a restaurant in Western Alaska. During a burglary in progress at our warehouse adjacent to our home, I responded with Dakar by my side. With him on command, we caught the burglars in the act and they were later taken into custody by law enforcement. I would not even consider any trainer other than Omri Geva and Custom Protection Dogs.