Custom K9 is a personalized protection dog service

that carefully selects and trains only the finest canines to provide the ultimate level of protection and companionship to those who matter most.

Protecting your family, business and property is paramount.

But in todays world, effective protection requires more than installing an alarm system. We are experts in security, and understand that every clients concerns are unique. With careful evaluation of our clients needs, we search globally for the perfect canine and customize a training program specific to each clients individual lifestyle. By training our clients dogs to fulfill their individual needs, we are able to deliver best-in-breed canines with world- class training for ultimate protection and loving companionship.

An Inside Look

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Find The Right Dog

Custom K9 carefully listens to all of your needs and desires and evaluates your individual lifestyle to match you with the absolute perfect companion. We work carefully with only the best breeders and kennels around the world, hand picking perfect options for you to select from.

Executive Protection

Skeptics have been converted to complete believers in the benefits of canine protection. Custom K9s are a life changing investment with exponential returns in peace of mind, enhanced security, and companionship.

Law Enforcement

We offer training and consultation in effective ultra-advanced training and tactics for police and military K9s through our training academys ARC (advanced response canine) training program.

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Breeds that we work with

  • Doberman

  • German Shepherd

  • Rottweiler

  • Dutch Shepherd

  • Belgian Malinois

  • Custom

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